Celebrating Our 19 Favorite Google Tools for Business and Consumer Services - Consulting & Analytical Services

Oct 15, 2017


Welcome to Praiseworthy Consulting, your trusted partner in the competitive world of consulting and analytical services! As experts in our field, we are delighted to share with you our top 19 favorite Google tools that can truly transform the way you do business. With these incredible resources at your fingertips, you can stay ahead, make informed decisions, and achieve success like never before.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a cornerstone tool for any business. This powerful platform provides detailed insights into the performance of your website, allowing you to understand your audience, track conversions, and optimize your online presence.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Optimizing your online content starts with effective keyword research. With Google Keyword Planner, you can uncover valuable keywords, analyze their competitiveness, and plan your content strategy accordingly.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you a comprehensive view of how your website appears in search results. Monitor your website's performance, identify and fix issues, and ensure that your web pages are easily discoverable to potential customers.

4. Google My Business

Showcase your business in local search results with Google My Business. Manage your online presence, share important information, and attract customers in your specific area.

5. Google Ads

Get your business in front of the right audience with Google Ads. Create targeted ad campaigns, reach potential customers at the perfect moment, and drive valuable traffic to your website.

6. Google Trends

Stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry using Google Trends. Discover popular topics, analyze search trends, and adapt your strategies to stay relevant in a constantly evolving market.

7. Google Tag Manager

Efficiently manage and deploy website tags with Google Tag Manager. Simplify the process of adding tracking codes and improve your website's performance without the need for complex coding.

8. Google Optimize

Optimize your website for better conversion rates with Google Optimize. Test different variations of your web pages, gather insights, and deliver personalized experiences to your visitors.

9. Google Data Studio

Visualize and present your business data in a meaningful way with Google Data Studio. Create interactive reports, share important insights with your team, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

10. Google Calendar

Stay organized and manage your time effectively with Google Calendar. Schedule appointments, set reminders, and seamlessly share your calendar with colleagues and clients.

11. Google Drive

Collaborate with ease and securely store your files in the cloud with Google Drive. Access your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from anywhere, share them with others, and work together in real-time.

12. Google Docs

Create, edit, and share professional-looking documents online using Google Docs. Streamline your collaboration process, leave comments, and track changes in a collaborative environment.

13. Google Sheets

Analyze and visualize data with Google Sheets. Whether you're tracking finances, managing inventory, or performing complex calculations, Google Sheets offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to get the job done.

14. Google Slides

Engage your audience and deliver impactful presentations with Google Slides. Access a wide range of customizable templates, collaborate with your team, and captivate your viewers with stunning visuals.

15. Google Meet

Connect and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners using Google Meet. Host virtual meetings, share screens, and collaborate in real-time from wherever you are, saving time and ensuring effective communication.

16. Google Hangouts Chat

Simplify team communication and foster collaboration with Google Hangouts Chat. Create dedicated chat rooms, share files, and manage projects efficiently within a secure and convenient workspace.

17. Google Forms

Gather valuable feedback, conduct surveys, and collect data with Google Forms. Create custom forms, analyze responses, and make data-driven decisions based on the feedback you receive from your audience.

18. Google Keep

Stay organized, jot down your ideas, and set reminders with Google Keep. Capture thoughts, attach images, and access them across devices, ensuring that no idea slips away.

19. Google Alerts

Stay informed about the latest news and insights relevant to your industry with Google Alerts. Set up customized alerts based on keywords, topics, or specific websites, and receive notifications directly in your inbox.


These 19 Google tools are just a glimpse of what's available to you as part of the dynamic suite of services provided by Google. Incorporate these powerful tools into your daily operations, and watch your business soar to new heights. At Praiseworthy Consulting, we are committed to helping businesses like yours succeed, and leveraging these Google tools is the ideal way to stay ahead in the highly competitive consulting and analytical services industry. Get started today and embrace the possibilities offered by these innovative tools. Contact our team at Praiseworthy Consulting for expert guidance and support.